Our Journey to Find Art

Squinkbox opened up to show a fine art print inside

The first squinkbox we produced

This idea of creating quality and accessible art that was unique in its way came about after many months trying to figure out what to put on our walls in our newly acquired home in Colorado.

Both of us have a creative background. Pato is a graphics designer and photographer with so much art on his computer that we had to get a backup drive. He never stops shooting; wherever he goes the camera is right there with him. Sometimes even I get jealous…

I am a fashion designer, but really have been working on costumes for who knows how long. Collaborating with licensors from huge Hollywood studios, cartoons, TV shows, video games and so much more has led to a difficult time agreeing on what we want to display in our home.

Having three kids and full time jobs did not help the case! Often times we would browse stores like Pier One, World Market, Ikea or Home Depot. Pato hated the quality of the mass-produced prints. With no value at all, no recognition to the artist, low craftsmanship in the stretching and even the base quality of the canvas itself, these pieces were not worth putting up in our home. One store we found during this time worth mentioning is Restoration Hardware. They came out with a line of amazing giclee prints with partnership of well-known artist right around the same time we were looking for home decor. We loved it, but their sizing was limited and a bit outside our budget.

Our Solution

Three unmounted fine art giclee prints by artist Mariano Lirman

Some of the first prints we developed

What if we no longer needed to go to art galleries to access exquisite works of art, or have to settle for the low-quality prints at the nearest department store?

Squinkbox was born! I wanted people to have the opportunity to collect art in a size that could still be displayed at an affordable price, while still allowing them to select, try, switch and ultimately decide which piece spoke to their heart. We began by collaborating with artists that we could see potential in, or who were already on the rise. Without their support and trust, the concept was worthless. We found our first artists in Colorado, LA, NY, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Hungary, and Taiwan—everything was starting to come together!

The monthly box we created delivers 3 prints in a theme of your choice. Customers can subscribe for as long as they’d like, and cancel whenever. We priced as competitively as possible, packing three giclee quality 8×10 prints curated from our pool of artists for only $50. For customers serious about art, we created discounts for larger subscription periods with special premium goodies as a token of our appreciation! Lastly, and most importantly for us, we gave our subscribers the opportunity to change which theme they’d like to receive each month just in case they want to shake things up.

We hope everyone loves our boxes as much as we loved designing them!

SQUINKBOX combines love for art, over 20 years of experience in art reproduction, and partnerships with artists and photographers to deliver fine art printed on museum-quality 100% cotton, 300 gsm, cold-pressed paper to ensure that each work of art is vibrant, durable and true to colors.

Check back for more insights next month.