About Lois Stanfield

Winner of the international, prestigious Canon Par Excellence Award, Artist Division, Lois is a Master Artist and a lifelong horse person. She grew up loving horses, and if childhood holds the blueprint for one’s destiny in life, then it was obvious what she would grow up to be. At the very young age of 4, she was already drawing pictures of horses on paper, sea shells, or whatever media she could find, and selling them to a kindly neighbor woman down the street for a nickel and a glass of milk with a cookie or two.

She settled into the profession of graphic design early on in her adult life, and, initially, a hobby photographing and creating artwork of horses and landscapes. Eventually her love of art and horses evolved into a full-time career. Her many years of riding and training in the discipline of dressage, combined with her early career in graphic design, gave her a unique, trained eye, and a vision for composition that enabled her to always capture the most flattering poses possible in her portraits of horses and their riders.

Lois works magic from photographs of all kinds, and combines digital techniques with acrylics for mixed media paintings of all disciplines of equestrian activity: jumping, dressage, reining, polo, and horse racing. She loves the elegance and simplicity of a simple portrait, but thrives on capturing the excitement of action, and found a new passion when she discovered polo.

In addition to selling equestrian fine art prints and doing commissioned portraits, Lois also teaches her unique painting techniques through webinars, workshops, and one-on-one tutorials and enjoys “giving back” by helping other aspiring artists.