About Marcelo Decoud

Marcelo was born surrounded by art and horses, his mother was a renowned painter and his father a prestigious polo horse breeder. After his career as a professional polo player, Marcelo ventured into photography, reflecting images of horses, polo and equestrian sports

He never took a course in photography but surrounded himself with renowned photographers such as Rodolfo Malaver, Gaby Herbstein, Manuel Gallardo, among others, who in addition to a personal friendship gave him advice and encouraged him to exhibit his works. With the advent of digital photography, Marcelo began to experiment digital art on his own photos, and during the last years, he joined the renowned Bubble Studios in Buenos Aires where he learned the different techniques of digital art and composition, without losing his natural and creative imprint.

His art is a mixture of static balance, strength, and creativity, based mainly on the human figure, the natural surroundings, behind each work there is a motive and a message.

Marcelo has made several exhibitions. He is considered a self-taught artist with a natural talent that is reflected in his art-works.