About Miklós Szucs

He was born in 1960 in Siófok (Hungary). He is a mathematics and drawing teacher and the father of two children.
He is a computer programmer from 1985 and founded a software development company in 1991, which still works successfully.
From 2015 he deals with fractal art, a new branch of digital art. The essence of this is the digital artistic display and use of self-likable forms, called fractals, which is transmitted from mathematics. He has participated in numerous digital painting and traditional painting courses.
We can see two kinds of work: on one hand he produces high-resolution (50-100 Megapixel) fractals with special software, and he makes limited edition giclee prints from them. On the other hand, he does acrylic or oil painting on canvas.
In August 2017 he participated in a group exhibition in KAPTÁR, in Budapest.
His work is characterized by a unique style,filled with incredible richness and vivacity. However, the motifs and forms are mysterious and translucent. It creates a special impression as he combines the modern, digital technology with the classical harmony of shapes and colors. The decorative look is not self-serving, the images are filled with intellectual content. It also involves the viewer into the process of creation, who not only gets to know the painter and his work, but he also has the chance to know himself better.