Project Description

Alejandro Ares behind his camera

Alejandro Ares is an Argentine artist and photographer born in Buenos Aires in 1975. He displays his art through incredible landscapes covering the Argentine territory from north to south. He unveils souls with portraits that speak for themselves, and he specialized in dizzying climbing photography.

He has photographed leading brands and companies, and was a teacher at the Nikon School, UP, UCES, AAP and AAM. He won the 1st prize in the Kodak black-and-white Contest (Museum of Decorative Art, 2001), 2nd prize in the National Hall of Visual Arts (Palais de Glace, 2004), 1st prize “Know to include” (2015) and made individual exhibitions at the San Martin Cultural Center (2002), the Argentine School of Photography (2002), the Ateneo Grand Splendid (2003), the Hotel Sophitel (Festival of Light 2004), the Museum of the Resistance of Lisbon (Portugal, 2005) , the 3 Boxes Gallery (Hong Kong, 2005), among many others. He exhibited collectively in Photo Patagonia. Santa Cruz Cultural Complex, Solidarity Photographers, Ralph Lauren Mansion, Life Latin America, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires Antigua, Recoleta Cultural Center and Rioplatense Prize for Visual Arts, Palais de Glace. His piece, “Critical Mass / Photolucida”, was a finalist in Portland, Oregon, USA.

His works have been published in the books “Cow Parade Buenos Aires” (2006) and “Benjamin Levy, Erotic” (2007).