Project Description

Carolina seating next to painting

“The gaze is the channel of the soul, where the ink that strips away my pulse seeking to persuade other eyes”

Every new scratch was mobilized to relieve my thought, each piece of art is the resume of sensations bounded at a framed canvas. Around 2015, the self reflection, some thoughts found, and every sunset beyond Los Andes mountains, were my inspiration engine.
In between anxiety and inner nostalgia, those hang-overs of pain, forged my first tiny works, and I found out my art on the strokes, the ink, the lines, the contrast of black and white, and my bunch of colors.
You will find me in the monochromatic strokes, traces without doubts and thoughtful spaces. The colors give me the vertigo that moves me, as a sensitive expression of my personal artistic mark.
The intensity of each sight, resignifies a thought from the eyes of others. The thought, which mobilized sensations, flows creating a narrative way among the lines.
Graphic designer by profession, lover of drawing, photography, architecture but most of all, imagination.